We all  have problems at times in our lives – even professional Rugby stars – but talking and getting help gets you through them faster. We’ve asked many local Canberra professional Rugby players over the years how they go about seeking help and dealing with problems. Watch our videos to see what they have to say

Why don’t blokes talk to each other? We ask the Raiders in 2016 (4:39)

There’s a perception that the Raiders are big tough guys who have never had any problems – they’re successful footy players, what issues could they have? But they, just like 1 in 4 young guys, have had hassles in their lives. They know it isn’t always easy being a young bloke. While 1 in 4 young guys will experience depression or anxiety in their lives, only 1 in 10 will get help. Here they discuss how the simple question “Is everything okay?” can make a big difference.

Canberra Raiders on Silence is Deadly in 2013 (5:00)

The Canberra Raiders in 2013 discussed how they deal with high expectations, why silence is deadly and what they do if their mate is doing it tough. Even as professional Rugby stars, the Raiders see the benefits of talking about issues and not letting things be bottled up.

Silence is Deadly Television Ad 2016 (0:30)

Menslink have partnered with the Canberra Raiders again in 2016 to show that being a young guy isn’t easy. Each day young guys will, and do face hassles at school, with friends, and at home. When the pressure gets too much, it feels really hard to ask for help. Have a chat, ask if they’re ok. Find someone to talk to – a mate, a professional like a counsellor or youth worker or your parents or a teacher. Start talking. Real guys have real problems, but can also get real help.

2015 – How can I help my mate? We ask the Brumbies players (2:27)

The Brumbies players tell us it’s completely normal to have problems. Start a conversation. Seek help from guys you trust, your family, your team mates.

2015 – How can I help myself? (2:20)

It can be hard to ask for help – we totally get it. Just by starting the conversation will make you feel better. Talk to your mates, your family, your teacher. Find out more from the Brumbies players in this video.

2014 – Silence is Deadly speaks to Clyde, Fotu and Ruaidhri – Brumbies Rugby (4:47)

When men go through tough times, they can find it hard to talk about it. It’s important to remember that you’re not trying to solve their problems, you’re giving your mate a chance to get their problems off their chest. We asked Brumbies Rugby players Clyde, Fotu and Ruaidhri how they help each other and their friends when they’re going through hard times.

Why the ‘Silence is Deadly’ campaign is so important:

Most young men (12-25) don’t talk about their problems. While young men suffer from some form of depression/anxiety at the same rate as young women, around one in four in any given year, they are three times less likely to get help.

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