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Menslink’s Silence is Deadly campaign is back for another year with a new attitude and a strong focus on measuring the positive impact the program and Menslink has on young guys.

Following the campaign’s success in 2016, Menslink will be bringing the Silence is Deadly program to more kids at more schools in Canberra. With over 50 schools now involved, Menslink is hoping to extend the Silence is Deadly presentations down to Years 5 and 6 in the second semester of 2017.

The updated campaign includes revitalised merchandise, a refreshed brand, new faces, and a ‘talk about anything’ video between raiders players and young menslink mentees which will be shown throughout schools and at Raiders games. Most importantly the refresh includes a change in language which will help young blokes tackle mental health head on.

Menslink wants to see young blokes working on their ‘Mental Fitness’ in the same way they would their physical fitness, by developing special tactics and skills that can help when rough patches emerge.

Michael Aichholzer, Education Program Coordinator at Menslink, said that ‘this change in language is being integrated into the campaign with an aim to make asking for help about mental illness as straightforward as a young guy asking his old man for a hand fixing the car, or asking a mate for his best footy tip.’

‘Menslink wants to remove the stigma around mental illness by normalising it with young guys that are asking for advice with a personal or emotional problem or trauma.’

Evaluation of this year’s program will also be undertaken, with Michael stating that the impact of the Silence is Deadly messaging will be ‘tested more rigorously this year,’ as Menslink teams up with ANU to conduct a research project based on measuring outcomes and change making results of the program.

With around 800 students taking part in the survey, ANU’s research will aim to prove that the Menslink Silence is Deadly program ‘has a positive impact in many ways to the young fellows we have spoken to.’


Got 30 secs to hear why Silence is Deadly?  We got 6 raiders and 6 young guys to tell the story…

We sat down with the Canberra Raiders in their training gym at HQ in Bruce and asked them tough questions about why Silence is Deadly.

In this highlights video you hear in under five mins how even professional sportspeople need to Man Up! and get their teams together.

The Silence is Deadly campaign was launched at Belconnen High School on December 5, 2012. It is run by Menslink, in partnership with the Canberra Raiders and funded by the ACT Government. The campaign aims to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help amongst young men.