If you are in need of mental health assistance or to talk with a counsellor please contact one of the support services (including ours!) listed on our Get Advice page.

Menslink is a Canberra charity that supports young men across our region. We’ve been running for over ten years now, working with thousands of young blokes. We aim to help young men develop their positive potential in all areas of their lives, through both our Mentoring Program and our Counselling Service. All our services at Menslink are free – there are no fees or charges and they’re completely confidential.

Our Mentoring Program is available to young men aged between 13 and 18 years of age. We aim to provide a constructive influence by introducing them to volunteer adult male role models for one-to-one mentoring. The mentoring program provides monthly group activities ranging from movies and games nights through to sailing, rock climbing, surfing and campaign.

Our Counselling Service is available for young men aged 12 to 25 years of age. It provides reliable support from a professional counsellor in order to guide a young man in getting through some of life’s challenges and difficulties. It’s available at our offices in Griffith or in selected schools and other centres around Canberra.

To get in touch with Menslink and find out more about our programs please drop us a line

(02) 6287 2226

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